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i'm rashida gilmore, live on campuslmore, san jose state's campus may be smoke-free sooner than you think... ....i'll have a live report. a viewing party for the presidential debate took place at the at a hotel just off-campus... and the journalism department is welcoming three guests from a very differrent part of the world. update news starts right now.
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hello and welcome to update news... im tyler huffman and i'm briana villalobos... thanks for joining us. this week 3 professors from two universities in afghanistan arrived at san jose state. they will be here for an eleven-week's part of a multi-million dollar grant to modernize journalism education in afghanistan. update's lexy nuno reports. " it is only their second time to the united states...and these afghan professors are enjoying the simple things in life. nat sound: "white mocha" simple things like drinking coffee...taking pictures... walking around san jose state's campus...and learning about modern journalism. they say it's a different picture than back home where journalists fear for their lives. ahamd zia ferozpur, a journalism lecturer at balkh university, says he's suprised at all the possibilites for students. (ahmad zia ferozpur/journalism lecturer
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at balkh university): "there are a lot of opportunities for students. they practice their journalism skills and they have radio, television, newspapers, and they have websites." the editor in chief of an afghan magazine says students in afghanistan face extreme lack of materials, like computers or even books. one of the other challenges is for afghan women--who sit on a different side of the room as men--wanting to go into journalism proffessions. in afghan society men and women are separated. in journalism school men and women sit on opposite sides of the classroom. (diane guerrazzi/director of afghan journalism project): "there are very few women who want to go into television. why? well because it's a risk to put your face and name on the air." this is one of the first exhange programs of it's kind in the united states. and although they have a bit more freedom here, the visiting professors still have to be careful about what they say on social media sites like facebook. (diane guerrazzi/director of afghan journalism project):"there's a lot of forces that would like to interfere with our process. so at the same time, we're excited to get our publicity out about our program, we're not going to be foolish and compromise the safety of ourselves and the future of the program." the afghan proffesors say they will do all they can to bring their knowlegde back to their war torn nation."
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the program will provide the afghan professors with 30 new courses that will enrich their knowledge of journalism. the classes include english and journalism courses taught by san jose state professors. the afghan journalism project is set to continue for the next five years. now live on set we have one of the three professors with us to talk about the program, professor ahmad zia ferozpur (ah-mahd zeeah fehrouzpurr).... so, professor how is your stay in san jose going?
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have you been in contact with your students??? what do they think?? what have you liked about the classes you've attended here? what would you like to implement in your classes back home? what have you liked about the classes you've attended here? what would you like to implement in your classes back home?
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-what have you liked about the san jose state campus? -do you plan on attending
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homecoming football game? -have you tried any good food in downtown san jose while you've been here? thank you for talking to us here on update news! have a great rest of the semester! president barack obama and governor mitt romney are preparing for their second presidential debate two weeks from now... their first debate this past wednesday was watched by millions of americans, as well as a large gathering of members from the san jose state community. " politcal science honor society pi sigma alpha welcomed members, alumni, professors and students to the hilton hotel in downtown san jose to watch and discuss the presidential debate. society president sol jobrack was happy to see the large turnout.
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sol "they kind of like their candidates and hopefully this event can swing them either way." vice president ryan brewer saw this debate as a pivotal point for mitt romney and wants to see the republican take the oval office this fall. brewer "if you look at history, no president has ever won reelection with unemployment over 7.4%. today we are over eight, and i think that speaks a lot to people like me, a student thats going to be graduating in the future. i want to see someone who is good for the economy and good for my wallet." former pi sigma alpha president donna spencer is confident in president obama's plan. she thinks he is deserving of the second term in office and was excited to see the president defeat the opposition. donna "i'm here to watch the first presidential debate because i think its important that we're able to watch mr. obama wipe the floor with mr. romney. i think in terms of likability, which is what many people vote about, do we want to have this guy in our livingroom? i think there's no question that obama is the winner." many experts believe this debate was mitt romney's to win and he had to deliver in order to gain needed ground in the polls. others speculated that president obama would play it safe in order to not lose the lead in polls he had earned so far. the debate provided plenty of back and forth between
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the opponents. but overall the assessment was president obama didn't deliver on what could have been an opportunity to end governor romney's chances. melinda "this was romney's chance to really make his case. people are starting to vote already, we got early voting, and mail voting. he had to make a strong showing tonight and i think he did." spencer still felt confident in the direction of her vote but wants to see more from mr. obama. donna "he didn't seem super super excited and passionate about the subject matter. maybe he's tired." brewer was happy to see romney have such a nice showing and looks for this to give the governor momentum going forward. brewer "i think we saw a clear difference between the two candidates and importantly we saw obama didn't understand what he was talking about.""
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this thursday vice president joe biden will trade opinions in foreign and domestic policy with g-o-p vice presidential candidate paul ryan in the vice presidential debate. the final two presidential debates will air live on october 16th and 22nd. this week we spoke to an expert on presidental debates...he outlines the history of this american political tradition. " this week the american people had a chance to see both canidates side by side as they told voters why they should be the president of the united states. how much effect will the debates have on the vote? "i think that they can the political science literature suggests that they don't have a great amount of impact on the election but i really think that they can they help drive the narrative." political science professor
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james brent says debates have not been very memorable in the past few elections. past presidential debates had any dramatic moments that helped shape the race? mit romney is trailing in the polls so what might we expect from him? "mit romney wants to do a couple of things humanize himself he seams aloof and disconnected he wants to make a connection with the average person and he will hammer away at president obamas economic record." whats president obama's debate strategy? "obama wants to continue to make mit romney look detached and he is going to make the argument that romneys policies are the same as george bush policies." debate team member katrina swanson is very excited. she hopes the upcoming debates will get to the truth. "the news tries to filter the most important answers and how they filter those debates is very important for how people vote.""
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after the debate the polls are still in president obama's favor... however we still have two more upcoming presidential debates before voting day. right now, we are going to go live on campus with rashida gilmore with a potential change for an on-campus policy. rashida? according to a recent campus survey, a majority of students, faculty and staff say they are exposed to secondhand smoke everyday. " campuses united for good health is a on campus organization that is trying to stop smoking at sjsu. the groups presidents says its main goal is to teach students why on campus smoking should be eliminated isra says "what we are targeting is educating the campus on the harms of smoking and secondhand smoke, both health wise and enviromentally". the current smoking policy at san jose state follows executive order w-42-93, issued by the governor of california : "all smoking in state owned buildings and
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leased spaces, including residence facilities, student apartments, students rooms, patio's and stairwells is prohibited". those who choose to smoke, must be outside and at least 25 feet away from doorways, stairs and groundlevel intake structures". but one smoking student, feels banning smoking outright is unfair "to have it really enforced, will actually kind of effect me, it would be a problem, i wouldnt know where to go". but for sophomore english major, lisa ramos, is 8 months pregnant, she hates that san jose state allows smoking on campus. " i dont enjoy walking around and walking into someones cloud of smoke in my face. i mean i'm like also 9 months pregnant and its not good for me and i never liked smoking". other students look forward to the campus being smoke-free because of the health benefits. " cleaner air or not having to get choked up on the secondhand smoke".
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the health center offers help for smokers who want to stop. " we offer smoking cessation service, that is free for students and best of all if they sign up through us they could get free nicotine replacement therapy, they call it nrt's and that can be very expensive, very pricey to buy on your own"." president mohammed qayoumi will make the final decision at some point in the future on whether s-j-s-u will be a smoke-free campus. live on campus, rashida gilmore, update news. you may have noticed that there aren't that many people walking around downtown san jose with sharks jerseys. that's because the national hockey league has locked out its players in a labor dispute. with the regular season cancelled through october 24th, local businesses are on thin ice and workers who depend on revenue generated by sharks games are beginning to feel the pain. pedro garcia has the story.
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" this is what you would normally see at san pedro square during sharks games. this is what it looks like now. empty streets empty tables empty bars businesses such as the old wagon saloon are normally packed during sharks games. last saturday this wasn't the case. jennifer koerner cocktail waitress" "last saturday was dead. like dead. and if we had a game, we would have been rocking out with a good amount of money and you can definitely tell a difference now. it's horrible. it's horrible." the nhl locked out its players three weeks ago. the last time this happened was the 2004-2005 when the nhl cancelled an entire season. the first time that happened in professional sports in north america. in san jose, an economic study reveals each shark's game results in 800,000 dollars in spending outside the arena. carl dean sharks fan" "well i didn't renew my season tickets. they aren't getting my money." jimmy newell sharks fan"
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" we are not going out to see the event we aren't going out to the bars to see it on the monitors it just it's all bad news." workers are feeling the burden. rachael carrollo cocktail waitress" "servers are being hit. even like sales of sharks stuff. people aren't gonna buy sharks stuff if there's no season happening. it just sucks." katie caprino bartender old wagon saloon" "it's christmas time it's christmas presents and we kinda count on the sharks for that and camaraderie of people." scott paul, assistant manager of the saloon hopes some sort of season can be saved. scott paula assistant major old wagon saloon "i'm just hoping we can salvage the season and we do get the games underway and we get back to playing hockey. again it's out of your hands. you feel kind of small in this big thing and you just hope for the best." the stalemate appears to over how owners and players will split hockey revenues which runs in the billions of dollars. reporting from san jose pedro garcia update news." students may have more money in their pockets come next year when some of their textbooks...become free. governor jerry brown has
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signed two bills which allow for a free online library of 50 digital textbooks. the organization, 20 million minds, says that students will spend more than 16 hundred dollars over the course of one year on textbooks. spartan bookstore textbook manager--cindy nimrud (num-a-rood) --says some students may not go for it. " (cindy nimrud/spartan bookstore textbook manager) most people prefer the actual paperback so they can touch the paper and be able to write notes and those things." if students want hard copies, they will be available for 20 dollars a piece. the legislation goes into effect in the fall semester of 2013. the career center is holding interview workshops on campus to help students ail interviews and land jobs. these workshops go over the strategies that should be used by interviewees to be more prepared and confident during the interview process. a new online program is
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being used by the university to give students an interactive mock interview... users can answer questions and go back to critique themselves. the career center feels it is important to educate students on the little things that can turn an interview from average to outstanding. " it's very easy for students, with their busy schedules, to skip the preparation. i think after they come here and see then they know exactly. they have a roadmap. i need to do a, b and c before i get to the interview. without coming to this they may not know what the preparation steps are." the next interview workshop will be held on campus on october 31st... for more information you can contact the career center by calling 408-924-6031. there is a place on campus where you can go to get extra support with your academics. transitioning to college can be very challenging. a program called peer connections can help.
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there are several places around campus where students can meet with tutors and mentors, trained to help out with academic and personal problems. peer connection offers a study zone, computer lab and educational workshops. " "they have someone to go there to ask questions about the college process, adjusting to college life and just the skills needed to manage thier time, their stress levels , getting the proper resources on campus." peer connection hours vary by location. if you need help, go to either the student services center, the first floor of campus village-b or the first floor of clark hall. there is a new chancellor for the california state university system. the board of trustees has named timothy white to head the 23 c-s-u campuses. white is the current chancellor of university of california riverside. he is expected to start his new position at the end of december. coming up next, representatives from a high profile animation studio come to campus...
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and the music department is adding a little bit of spice to its concert schedule. we'll be back after this break.
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tori green is here with arts and entertainment. tori, i hear a&e has a little spice this week? a little jazz and spice to give your weekend a little flavor. but first, some animation. the world of technology is constantly changing. graphic designers must learn to stay ahead of the curve. as smart phones become smarter and computers become faster. this week graphic design students gathered at the science building to catch a glimpse of what martin watt had to offer. watt is a principle engineer at bay area animation company dreamworks. watt demonstrated different methods animators use to make movies including programming techniques... mult-processing and multi-threading. his main message was clear... if students wish to succeed as animators...they need to
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learn to adapt. " "i want them to think about the fact that multi-processing and multi-threading is going to become something they just have to know about in the future. it's gonna be everywhere from cell phones all the way to super computers and it's a skill they really need to adapt and develop."" dreamworks has produced several films including how to train your dragon. the spartan shops are bringing students and the community of san jose state together...with the art and dine festival. it is held the first wednesday of every month. the festival is featuring on campus artists, musicians and locally grown and healthy food. san jose state students provide the entertainment, the food and the works of art. " "this is a brand new thing that we are doing to try and get publicity to the artists here on campus and also just kind of create a community event that is fun for students.""
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the festival also hopes to educate the community on a sustainable lifestyle with the environmental resource center... it also offers e-waste drop off and a clothing swap... you can find the art and dine festival in between the macquarrie hall and sweeny hall from 11 to 2 the first wednesday of every month. the music department jazzed it up a bit this week with their latest portion of the listening hour concert series (nat sound :06) the small jazz ensemble led by frank sumares. performed an installment of the listening hour concert series with the spicy genre of latin jazz and funk. the ensemble features daniel matthews on trumpet and nichole boaz on piano. the next time to enjoy the ensemble will be wednesday, december 5th at 7:30pm in the music concert hall.
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thats it for arts and entertainment this week guys, back to you..... thanks tori, i loved it. coming up next, we introduce you to major league soccer's leading goal scorer. and the spartan football team is having their best season since 2006. is the bay area taking notice? we'll be right back after this break.
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elliot alagueuzian joins us for sports this week, football has a bye week before homecoming, so now might be a good time to talk about how the spartans have done so far... san jose states football team has had a dramatic turn around since head coach mike macintyre took over in 2010. but even with the team being 4-1 so far this season...... are the spartans really getting the respect they deserve? " defensive end travis johnson says in order to get
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that respect they need to keep winning. "yeah i think it's going to take a continuous amount of wins, we're having a good year and we need to finish this off strong and keep getting wins." johnson believes this will be a long term project for the spartans because in previous seasons they have shown a lack of consistency. "if we can on the up, other teams and people are going to start noticing it. we'll start getting ranked more and things like that. so it's not going to be a one year thing it's got to be a two, three years in a row like the other teams have done." but with eight major professional sports teams in the bay area san jose mercury news sports writer mark purdy says....they get all the attention. "in the bay area the real problem for san jose state or really stanford or cal, is cutting through clutter of all the professional teams we have. we have more professional teams than any market in the united states except for new york city." purdy explains that even with a national ranking it would be hard to get any recognition at all." "you could argue for stanford at one point being a top ten team we really weren't paying them much attention as probably top ten teams do in other markets."
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wide receiver chandler jones believes that the spartan's never say die attitude will win them their respect in the future. " just keep playing hard. when our defense and offense is playing well and our special teams are playing well we're a tough team to beat. so, all of us need to keep focus keep playing well these next couple weeks."" mark purdy says san jose state's move to the mountain west conference will definitely help the spartan football program develop faster. it will give the spartans more television exposure as well as better competition. san jose earthquakes forward chris wondolowski is leading major league soccer with 22 goals this season. and the danville native is just five goals away from breaking the all-time single-season scoring record. wondolowski is no stranger to scoring goals after winning the golden boot two years ago, that's the award for most goals scored in a season. he scored 18 in 2010, then 16 last season.
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and with three games left in this season wondolowski says he still has a good chance of beating the record. " there will definitely be some chances out there and i got to finish them. the main objective right now is to get the supporters' sheild though. definitely chances and goals will be out there and i just go to finish them." wondolowski is a clear favorite to win his second career golden boot award as well as the mls mvp award. thats it for sports this week guys, back to you.
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thanks, elliot. that'll do it for now. thanks for tuning in to update news. be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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not everyone who gets meningitis...dies. the infection spread so fast. (overlapping voices) preteens and teens should get vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials aren't the only voices recommending it.

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